Insurance Corner with Cody: Is Wind a Covered Peril?

vladoA question frequently asked by lenders and homeowners regarding home insurance is whether or not wind is a covered form of loss.  The answer in most cases is “Yes”.  Wind can be categorized as an Act of God and would fall under a covered loss on most policies.

However, there are policies where wind and other forms of loss are specifically excluded.  You will want to check with your agent to be sure you have adequate coverage for your specific needs.

In other cases, mostly coastal wind is a covered form of loss but is subject to an additional deductible separate from the other forms of loss.  The wind deductible is generally a percentage of the dwelling coverage.   This can range anywhere from 2% to 10%.  The higher the deductible is,  the lower the premium will be.

The best way to determine if your homeowner’s insurance covers this type of peril is to have an experienced and knowledgeable agent review your policy with you.  Cody Holmes of Holmes Insurance in South Windsor welcomes your calls and emails and will help you review your policy to give you peace of mind.

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