The Condo Team

RSL Condo Team Logo - IconThe RSL Condo Team has more than 20 years of combined experience in assisting condominium projects to get approved with FHA, the VA and Fannie Mae.  We have worked with many associations and developers to help to create legal and financial documents that meet those entities’ guidelines.  In addition, we have been successful in assisting many clients to obtain a Letter of Map Amendment from FEMA which removes the need for the association to obtain costly flood insurance.

We have attended every training and webinar facilitated by HUD about FHA Approvals since 2010.  We were invited and participated in the most recent Round Table held at HUD Headquarters in Washington D.C. as an industry expert on the subject.  At this event, we were able to spend 1:1 time with representatives from FHA, the VA and Fannie Mae to discuss condominium project approvals.

We have developed a national network of attorneys who are experts in condominium law in their states.  We are consistently in communication with these attorneys and frequently exchange our expertise on our respective subject matters.

CAI_pedelval_confAs an active member in the Community Associations Institute (CAI), we have sponsored events in the Connecticut, New England, New Jersey and Pennsylvania/Delaware Valley chapters.  We have spoken at CAI-CT and CAI-PADELVAL events regarding condominium project approvals and budgeting requirements.  We are a consistent contributor to the CAI-CT magazine Common Interest as a subject matter expert about condominium project approvals.  We have also been invited to discuss FHA Condominium Project Approvals for the Charlotte Observer.

We encourage you to ASK us questions that you may have regarding FHA, VA and Fannie Mae condominium project approvals. You can expect accurate answers to your questions without having the concern of being “sold” something. We are here to help and “We’ll Get You Ready!”

Our Team:

Neil Caron
FHA/VA Condo
Approval Specialist
(860) 993-1411 x 700
Megan Ready
Project Manager
Business Development
(425) 354-3480 x 115

Trevor Mirek
Sales Director
Business Development
(860) 993-1411 x 703
Michael Bonzani
Marketing Director
(860) 993-1411 x 705
Tyler Dowdy
Social Media Coordinator
Business Development
(860) 993-1411 x 706


Conference photo courtesy of the Pennsylvania Delaware Valley Chapter of CAI and Homler Photographs