FHA/VA Condo Approvals

RSL Condo Team Logo - FullThe ReadySetLoan Condominium Project Approval Team is dedicated to assisting condominium projects across the nation to obtain their approvals with FHA and the VA or become recertified with FHA.  We have assisted more than 100 condominiums and we can help your association.

ReadySetLoan Condo Team is an active member of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and is a frequent contributor to Common Interest Magazine as an expert in FHA/VA condominium project approvals.

Our Services

  • Assist in the collection of the required documents for an FHA approval
  • Review the documents for completeness and verify that they are acceptable to FHA
  • Provide advice to correct defects in the documentation
  • Provide guidance for budget or other possible issues
  • Provide work-arounds for issues/defects in the paperwork
  • Communication with project reviewers at FHA and dispute errant rejections
  • Maintain ourselves as the contact point with FHA
  • Maintain a list of approved projects and notify projects ahead of the expiration of their approvals to avoid a lapse in the approval

Our Experience

  • Assisted over 100 approved projects with a 100% success rate
  • Attended every seminar and webinar hosted by FHA regarding project approvals since 2011
  • Invited to round table session at HUD Headquarters as an industry expert
  • Direct contact with FHA condo project reviewers and their supervisors

Condo Photo Credit: (c) Can Stock Photo / ddmitr