That’s Your Dog’s Poo – I Have the DNA to Prove It

pooprintsOver the weekend, we exhibited at the CAI New Jersey Conference and Expo.  There was a fantastic turnout and we met a lot of people.  The most interesting vendor that we met was Debbie Huff representing a company called Poo Prints.

A common issue in condominium communities is the amount of pet waste that is not picked up.  Poo Prints has devised a method for keeping unit owners with dogs “honest” in picking up their pet’s waste.

It does so by swabbing the dogs in the community to compile a database of their DNA.  Then, whenever waste is not picked up, a sample is taken and the DNA is tracked to the dog who left it and the unit owner is fined for not picking it up.

Debbie said that just swabbing the dogs results in roughly a 75% decrease in the amount of unretrieved waste.

If your community has a problem with dog poo, contact Debbie ( or visit the Poo Prints website.